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The real-time-12-channel-ECG in Telemedicine

For Emergency Services, Hospitals & Cathlabs

The mobile ECG-system CREMONI II is the worldwide first and only telemonitor being able to transfer a complete 12-channel-ECG with only four electrodes in real-time using an integrated GSM-technology.

The 4-electrodes-technology is easy to use and helps saving time and transmits a high-quality-12-channel-ECG.

Each transmitted ECG is digitally archived.



Benefits for the patients, the emergency physicians and the cardiologists:

-   More safety in finding the diagnosis pre-hospital
    Communication between emergency physician and cardiologist in the acute phase of the acute coronary syndrome

-   More safety in decision making for the emergency physician


-   Decision about reperfusion strategy as soon as possible


-   Start of therapy even pre-hospital

    GP IIb/IIIa-inhibitor and/or thrombolysis, Clopidogrel

-   Reduction of in-hospital time to treatment (saving up to 60 minutes)



Telemedicine easy & professionell
Telemedicine easy & professionell
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