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The Complete Telemedical Solution

Are you searching for a way to utilize Telemedical applications immediately, without complications?

You will receive the complete telemedical 12-Channel ECG system packet for telemedical monitoring pre-installed and immediately ready for use. 

You can provide your patients with a 12-channel ECG in real-time at all times, regardless of their whereabouts: at home, in the practice, on vacation, wherever GSM is available. 


-       telemedical 12-channel-ECG-device Cremoni II

-       telemonitoring software CREMONI®-soft

-       ECG laptop with telemonitoring

-       Start support

 We can answer your questions and provide support throughout the operation period. 

Simply turn on the machine and you are ready for a remote ECG diagnosis!

It is possible to administrate multiple Cremonis by means of the “basis station”.

ECG laptop with telemonitoring
- ECG laptop with telemonitoring
-	telemedical 12-channel-ECG-device Cremoni II
- telemedical 12-channel-ECG-device Cremoni II
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